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We offer the very latest in laser cutting technology. We can offer:

  • Cutting from sheets (sized 1500 x 3000) of up to 15mm mild steel, 15mm stainless steel, and 8mm aluminium.
  • Production quantities from one-off samples to full batch runs, with no tooling required.
  • The consistency of finish required for repeat product parts. 
  • A super-clean finish to edges. 
  • The ability to cut holes and almost any shapes.
  • Elimination of forces exerted onto the metal by machine contact. 


And with our newest fibre optic laser cutter, a 4 kilowatt Eagle iNspire we can now cut materials such as brass, copper and other non-ferrous materials, up to 6mm thickness. These materials can also be put on the waterjet if required.  


We produce our own nitrogen gas. This ensures that we are not reliant upon gas suppliers, making us more cost effective and self sufficient. 

Stainless steel and aluminium in all thicknesses are cut with nitrogen to give a good clean edge. Mild steel up to 3mm is cut with nitrogen. 

Some laser cutters use oxygen to cut, which leaves a carbon covered edge. This can make welding and powder coating more difficult. The use of nitrogen on thinner materials also leads to a much faster production rate. However, once you get above 3mm mild steel and other thicker materials oxygen has to be used. If this isn't acceptable then the process will be transferred to our water jet cutting machine. 



We have a massive range of materials in stock, and if we haven't got it - we can get it from any number of our suppliers. 

Common materials which can be cut on the laser include mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, galvanised steel, zintec, brass and copper. 

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